Selling custom t-shirt to collect donations has never been this easy!

There is no better way to raise awareness and increase community engagement than with custom t-shirts. With Mac Designs by your side, designing a fundraising campaign that encourages donation will be as easy as it never was! All you have to do is provide us with a T Shirt Design that perfectly explains your cause. 

Once we have the design and know the objective behind raising funds, we will get right on helping you spread your message. 

What we offer you at Mac Designs is a completely hassle-free way to donations for a cause you are passionate about! You don’t have to worry about the inventory. Just focus on your goal and let us provide you with a risk-free solution. 

You’re passionate about a cause and want to raise funds to help it. We love it! Let Mac Designs help you get your message out with a unique printed shirt design by calling Insert Phone Number now! 

The Smarter Way to Fundraising  

Custom T Shirts are a smart way to raise awareness for your cause and get more people to join in! With your unique message printed on a t-shirt by Mac Designs, you can:

  • Collect Donations
  • Raise Spirits
  • Spread the Message
  • Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff

Raising funds becomes easier. Simply let the key donors know about your vision by sending them the t-shirts. The funds will start flowing in!

If you want people to care about something, you must make them feel as if they are a part of something bigger than themselves. Custom apparel will bring uniformity, showing your contributors that others share their passion. It will also boost spirits and create a feeling of belonging!

If they don’t know anything about the cause, the people won’t know you need their help to support it! A t-shirt with your message emblazoned across it can be as effective as a billboard or other social channels in creating awareness. Get your supporters to sport those tees and create more of them!

Just have your design ready and let Mac Designs take care of everything else. We are all set to help you share your story with the world. Don’t worry about risks and inventories. Be a trailblazer instead!

A Mac Design fundraising product is so much more than just an ad. It is produced to perfection to aid you in raising awareness and funds, bringing people together, and boost spirits. Call Insert Phone Number now!

T Shirt Printing for All Types of Fundraisers

Your cause matters to you and we want you to choose the best way to get it out there. Mac Designs uses the latest printing techniques to create custom apparel for all kinds of fundraisers. Our printed tees will be ideal for raising money for the following causes:

Animal Rescue Fundraising

School Fundraising

Church Fundraisers

Medical Fundraising

Military Fundraising

Team Fundraisers

First Responder Fundraising

Print Your Own T Shirt that displays the perfect message you want to send out into the world. Mac Designs is just a phone call away – dial 403.548.7528 now!